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Events and festivals

Science and Art Festival

Gimfest is a festival of science and art of the Gymnasium "Sveti Sava" from Požega. It is held every year at the beginning of March in the "Sveti Sava" Gymnasium. It was created in 2009 with the support of the Ministry of Youth and Sports and the European Movement in Serbia, and based on similar festivals (primarily the Science Festival in Belgrade), with the aim of popularizing science and art. When the first Gimfest was held, the festival was visited by about 600 people, which is a significant number for a small environment like Požega. It was the first time that science was presented to our fellow citizens in an attractive way. The number of visitors and participants increased every year. At Gimfest, over 200 demonstrators are participating at about 30 stands where they promote science and art so that it is understandable to every visitor, regardless of age and education level.

Požega Municipality Day

Požega Municipality Day is specially celebrated in our municipality and is accompanied by a diverse programs from April 1 to 7. On those days in Požega, theater performances are being prepared for fellow citizens in the hall of the Sports and Cultural Center, exhibitions in the City Gallery, and on April 7, the Ceremonial Academy and awarding of municipal awards is held in the SKC hall.

Požega rock festival

Maglenijada is a Požega rock festival founded in 2012 with the aim of gathering young people with the good rock sounds of great young local bands, as well as well-known and established groups. This festival is held on the town square of Požega, which gives a special stamp to the whole festival. The Maglenijada is realized by the Municipality of Požega and the Sports and Cultural Center of Požega.

Pre-competition of young trumpeters

The pre-competition of young trumpeters is a manifestation in which young trumpet orchestras compete and thereby gain the right to compete at the great trumpeters assembly in Guča. Orchestras compete in the pioneer and youth categories. At the pre-competition, the best trumpet orchestra and the best trumpeter in both categories are announced. After the evaluation by the expert jury, the best are awarded prizes. One of the famous and award-winning trumpet orchestras from our region also performs in the program of the event. The event takes place on the City Square in Požega. Organizers: Municipality of Požega and Tourist Organization of Požega.

Short Documentary Film
Festival "Interaction"

During the festival, the Požega cinema screen the most exciting works from the field of short documentary films that were created in the previous two years. The artistic director and programmer of the festival is director Dejan Petrović, founder and director of "Interaction". The organizer of the festival is NFC Filmart from Požega.

Goulash cooking competition
in Čestobrodica

Gastronomic manifestation in the village of Čestobrodica next to the Požega - Divčibare main road. Teams compete in cooking goulash. After the end of the competition, the announcement of the winner and the prize for the best follow. Entertainment for participants and visitors in an open and landscaped area, with a rich cultural and artistic program for visitors. Each competition team has 15 members, and in the afternoon the attendance of the demonstration is the highest. Organizers are Čestobrodica Municipal Health and Požega Tourist Organization.

International picture book
festival „Čigra“

International picture book festival gathers authors, illustrators, librarians, educators and, most importantly, children in Požega. The common mission they are dedicated to is the desire to spread picture books and various reading habits. The organizer of the festival is the National Library of Požega.

"Milan Days"

The "Milan Days" event takes place in Gorobilje and Požega. The event preserves the memory of the painter and sculptor Milan Tucović through art and poetry workshops with children from primary and secondary schools, and through a cultural program (exhibitions, concerts and performances). It is implemented by UG "Epika", Elementary School "Emilija Ostojić" and the Sports and Cultural Center of Požega, with the support of the Municipality of Požega.

International children's music
festival „I am your friend“

The tradition of the festival "I am your friend" has its beginnings in the framework of "Singing Spring", which has been held in Požega since 2001. The international children's music festival "I am your friend" is held in September in the cinema hall of the Sports and Cultural Center of Požega. The festival is intended for children up to 15 years of age and has a competitive nature. Children from Italy, Bulgaria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Montenegro, Macedonia and Serbia perform in the competition. The festival is organized by UG "Promusica" Požega and SKC Požega.

Music and poetry festival

Poetry and music festival "Požezija" gathers poets and musicians from all over Serbia and provides an opportunity for all authors to present themselves to the Požega audience. So far the guests have been: Ljubivoje Ršumović, Mirjana Bobić Mojsilović, Matija Bećković, Rambo Amadeus, Dragan Jovanović Danilov, Milan Ružić, Nikola Vranjković... The organizer of the festival is SKC Požega.