About Požega

Landmark of Pоžega

When in 1832 Prince Miloš sent Laza Zuban to form a settlement next to the Skrapež river, the secretary of the prince’s office completed the task easily and simply. In the vast plain, he drove a stake and tied a long rope to it, and “armored” the circle with its ends. Thus, by pulling the transversal in the center, at the intersection of the main streets, a circular square was created, which became the landmark of Požega. Houses, taverns, taverns, and shops sprung up around the “circle”, and the center itself was decorated with a memorial fountain to the liberators, surrounded by flowers and greenery.

Today, after 190 years, the circular square remains the main landmark of this town together with a beautiful memorial fountain made of white stone. In 2012, the square got a more modern look and received NIN’s award for the most successful architectural work, and it was also declared the most beautiful square in Serbia. According to the project of Dragana Stefanović from Požega, 3 fountains with colored lighting, 2 amphitheatres, a summer stage intended for various events, a circular promenade and a lot of greenery surrounding the paved square are located in the circle which draw the prince’s architect Zuban. The colored fountains are a special attraction for the youngest, and this symbol of the town is also adorned by the beautiful gardens of cafes arranged in a circle around the square. There are also numerous boutiques, bakeries, post offices, exchange offices, so you can find everything you need in one place.

You can have a full experience if you happen to be on the square during some events, prom walks and dances, concerts, when the square is full of visitors.