What to see

Tometino Polje

The best opportunities for active holidays are provided by this tourist destination which is located in the northern part of the municipality of Požega because it abounds in incredible natural resources for this type of vacation. With beautiful landscapes for hiking, mountaineering, cycling and paragliding, with an altitude of 750 meters, this undulating plateau of unreal beauty captivates true lovers of active holidays in nature.

Tometino Polje is located at the foot of Maljen, between Požega and Divčibare, at the confluence of two rivers. In addition to important migratory bird species and forest wildlife, 52 km of marked hiking trails intertwine here with 30 km of bicycle trails. It’s sort of an air spa with the highest concentration of ozone in the wider environment which has a favorable effect on neurovegetative diseases, anemia, lung diseases, as well as all types of stress.

In addition to air and nature, there are significant resources of healthy, drinking water, which according to some analyzes, have healing attributes. Čalački Potok and Vražji Vir are two nature reserves located in this natural beauty.